Rabu, 17 November 2010

Foto Seksi Artis Uli Auliani

Uli Auliani

Uli Auliani

Uli Auliani

Pursue Music, Uli Auliani Denied Capital Only Face

Uli Auliani acting star has denied if the choice of the world started singing only with looks, without the support of sound quality. Women who had studied vocals at Bertha's, invites to enjoy his work first, before commenting.

"It (the capital look, red) ya see what kind of results, later used to listen to his song," Uli said when met at the Score Uli Auliani Citos, at the launch of Goliath's third single, Just A thousand, Thursday (14/10).

In the midst of busy playing soap operas and feature films stripping, Uli Auliani preparing to try out the world of drag votes. A single being prepared by Ari, Goliath band vocalist. Uli Auliani own arrival time to give special support to the Goliath.

"Hopefully, successful, move on. Hopefully it RBT exceed than the first song," she said.

Uli Auliani realize that all this time he was better known as a star and it's acting as the consequences when plunged in the music world. Himself was ready with it, including his life that will be increasingly busy in his career.

"The consequences are more tired, drinking lots of vitamins. Now is not got time for family, friends, for hanging out," she concluded.