Senin, 08 November 2010


The spat between two pedangdut Julia Perez, Dewi Persik heats. They exchanged sarcastic. Julia Perez, who was familiarly called Jupe, said that the Goddess Perssik or DP could not keep up.

"Yes, baseball can compete with me. I also do not feel he's my rival, because he is not comparable to me, he's not my level. He's usually just end up the same court and maid clash and ex-manager. He's not my level , "chirped Jupe, in Jakarta, Sunday (31/10/2010).

The dispute between Jupe with DP started when they lined up to star to play in the same movie, Dead Goyang Karawang. For no apparent reason, suddenly DP did not attend the premiere of the film shooting the big screen.

Jupe then assess the DP is not professional. DP does not receive virtually no professional and consider Jupe has tainted his reputation. DP also clearly states that the quality of his acting as compared with the lover does not want Gaston Castano's football players. "To be sure, the Goddess Perssik never becomes Julia Perez and vice versa. People know the quality of each of us," said DP, Saturday