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Andriani Marshanda a familiar called "Caca" or "chacha" This (born in Jakarta, 10 August 1989) is a young artist sinetron stars, the stars ad, and also the performers of the event. Two sisters are Aldrian (Didi) and Allysa (Lisya). Aged 3-4 years old when he lived in the City of Lumpia, Semarang, on the Pleburan V road near the campus Undip. That time his father worked about two years in Semarang. He bershio snake

Marshanda started his career in the advertising world since grade 1 primary school by accident or coincidence, when the aunt Marshanda accompany the famous model, Chintya Rustam, a former model Lux soap ad to ad to the bureau Citra Lintas. In fact there Marshanda be included for the casting. Casting until finally in 1997 was selected to headline Marshanda ad Bank Danamon. Next headline Marshanda a number of television ads and print media, including Filma, Cadbury eclairs, Supermi Ayam Bawang, Es MONY, Tango Wafer, Chicken Nuggets, Carvil Millennium, Susu Bendera, young, Emeron, Bank Tamara, and Vaseline

Marshanda goal is to become an agricultural engineer and the troubadour last and also want to be a psychologist. Marshanda desire to become a cantor at the opportunity to meet with the creator of a children's song famous Papa T Bob. Papa T Bob set up a special song that fit with the character voice Marshanda. Finally Marshanda enter the kitchen recording a song with the sponsor "Hang Cita Cita" Papa T Bob's creation. Formerly, Age 10 Years With Milk Television Advertising Flag Co aunt Chintya Kusuma, former Cover Model 1991 to the Women Anita Puri Emeron Advertising Bureau.

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