Senin, 13 September 2010

Video Ciuman Pasha Ungu Dengan alyssa Soebandono

Dalam Video tersebut terlihat Pasha ungu mencium bibir Alyssa Soebandono

Alisa Soebandono Pasha and make a scene. After oppugn gossip girls and their proximity. Now in just surprised with its outstanding Video Pasha Ungu kiss lips that are Alyssa Soebandono. they say this video was taken 2 weeks ago in a Japanese restaurant in the area of Central Jakarta.

In the video seen action Pasha who wear white shirts Alyssa Soebandono kiss lips that are visible are blue shirt. Although it looks a bit blurry, but the face of Pasha with Alyssa is still clearly visible.

Video Ciuman Pasha Ungu-Alissy Soebandono

To date, the Pasha does not provide much information / comments about the video showing the figures that are similar to kiss her lips like a girl is Alyssa Soebandono. Whether Pasha feel disturbed? "jalas the subject," said Pasha. However, when asked if the man in the video itself, Pasha said with little emotion. "certainly not a" Pasha and then leave with the convoy Penta Studio 2-3 security officers.

He seems to deliberately deceive journalists, because he selected out through the back door. While Toyota car Selica used his time came, still pitch in front of the parking Penta Studio. Pasha leaving the studio with another car.