Senin, 13 September 2010

Tali baju Julia Perez Lepas|Melorot

julia Perez

Tali baju Julia Perez Melorot. When the show are in a hotel in the area of Central Jakarta on Friday (10 / 7), the ropes twine Julia Perez casual clothing (kembennya melorot), almost half of the breast seen before hundreds of guests. Jupe but do not panic with it. Relaxed with it and cover the chest keep singing, even though dozens of camera mobile phone is to him. Hands holding direct reflex chest freeze while toss song "Belah Duren " to complete.

However, when the moment is busy on the pull, there is a person who joke about prankish striptease. Jupe was angry and stressed that his dancers are not like that. At the end of the song, also called Jupe Ivan Gunawan as MC for the mend clothes. He also came down with a smile as if something did not happen. Jupe said with a relaxed, "Hahaha, I recorded it. It is very shameful incident, let alone in front of people. Others in the photos, I says, 'Do not be in the photo lho, I panic like this again'."

Video julia perez tali baju meloro|lepas

Julia perez did not want to take a headache with this incident. He keprofesional keep it. "Jupe not be panic. In the case such as this I can run to the back of the stage, must be professional
"Oops, so funny. Nyanyi until I have finished the song. But I have a red face ... (while looking at chest), my goodness ..." he said while laughing again small.

In response to this matter, mother Julia perez, Sri Wulansih quite relaxed. Previously, he also has advice daughter dressed in a matter of style