Senin, 13 September 2010

Ratu felisha

Ratu felisha or usual name in the call Feli was born 16 October 1982, is a model and artist of Indonesia. Feli woman is like a tattoo. There are 3 tattoo on the body. Crown tattoo image in the back, and the tattoo image chain in the left ankle and a tattoo in a hidden place.

Ratu felisha often the case the images section of wide-spread in the community. May 2005, photographs of half-bugil feli circulating in one of the newspaper in Jakarta. Feli acknowledges the existence of the photos taken during her vacation with friends in Dream Land, Bali.

Foto Ratu Felisha

Seems not to learn from previous experience, Feli looks back with clothes and pose seronok circulating on the internet. beginning in 2006 finally know that the image carrier is Raditia, Feli cousin, who is also visible in the photo.

Koleksi Foto Ratu Felisha