Senin, 13 September 2010

Ptofil Rossa Roslaina Handiyani

Rossa have the full name of Sri Rossa Roslaina Handiyani, born in Sumedang, West Java, 9 October 1978. He is a mainstream pop singer who is now a wife Yoyo, a member of the group band Padi. Rossa blood flow as a canary from his mother, Kusmiani Eni, the former vocalist Cianjuran and his father, a self-employed, Hasan Ukas Irawan.

Success Rossa make a solo career he was trusted to bring religious film soundtrack, AYAT-AYAT CINTA. Assisted by the artist Jimmy Bondoc, Rossa released album OST CINTA AYAT-AYAT in 2008.

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Rossa biggest dream is to perform a single concert finally reached on 26 November 2008. Single concert titled Love offering is assisted by famous composers, and Jay Erwin Gutawa Subiakto held in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Although the problem is in the household, such as Rossa not affected. He even released his fifth album, Rossa (2009) with the song Terlanjur Cinta are created by her husband, Yoyo. The song is sung in duet with Pasha Ungu.

After a long silent in regard to the issue of the household, eventually give Rossa. He said that he and Yoyo has agreed to split the house. Yoyo but can come at any time he wants to look their children.

Although the separate house, not a means Rossa dissolved in grief. However, he even shows his rigidity as women. By the album campaign, Rossa toured seven cities in a story titled Cinta Rossa at each end of the week.

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