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Profil Nadia Saphira Cute Indonesian Young Actress

Nadia Saphira, was born in Jakarta, October 20 1987. Her name began to be known when starring in the wide screen film directed by the director Hanung Bramantyo, JOMBLO (2006), that afterwards took herself often starred in the film and the wide screen.Nadia that currently is recorded as the student the Pelita Harapan University, also was one of the wide screen film stars, COKLAT STROBERI with Marsha Timothy, Nino Fernandez and Mario Merdhithia.

Foto Nadia Saphira

Apart from also starred in the version of the film serial was single and the film ADA APA DENGAN CINTA. The woman who admitted to wanting to marry in the age 25 years, also took part in supporting several success films, that among them serial LIONTIN and IMPIAN CINDERELA.

Year 2008 Nadila Singles its release status. Nadia have a boyfriend named Rizal. "Ganteng deh pokoknyaa," said Nadia after playing the inaugural film 'peanut sauce' in Cilandak Town Square,

According to a friend Bunga Citra Lestari in the comedy drama film, Rizal course not friends in the Faculty of Law, University of Pelita Harapan. this new boyfriend of another boyfriend before. "He was like, if I so coquettish," said Nadia.

Rizal, he added, have no long-boyfriend. That also makes Nadia feel more comfortable in the neighborhood. The reason, not many free Rizal. Quasi-power to each set or gestures it. they both nearly never quarrel. More time they spend to tantalize and tease each other.

Nadia Saphira

Nadia Saphira

Nadia Saphira