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Profil Maya Estianty

Maya Estianty (Maia Ahmad) was born on 27 January 1977 is of the group Duo Maia. Before establishing Duo Maia, virtual music group formed Ratu with Pinkan Mambo, who is also equally vocal backing was Dewa 19.

Besides singing, Maia also dive into the world akting. Maia had become one of the comedy at Extravaganza Trans TV in 2006 but then stopped in 2007. Maia also played in several episodes OB cereal bowl sit-in (RCTI).
Maya Estianty
Foto maya Estianty

Maya Estianty Married with musician Ahmad Dhani. They met at SMAN 2 Surabaya school. Maia married is still age 19 years. From weddings, they are endowed with three children. They are named as leaders of a Sufi in his father's idol, Ahmad Al-Gazali, El Jalaluddin Rumi, and Abdul Qodir Jaelani.

End of 2006, the wedding Maia - Dhani cracked. Cases seizing children and property gono-gini coloring session. In fact, they both often 'drop' each other through the media. on 23 September 2008 they officially divorced, and three foster children's rights eventually fell into the hands of the Maia. Unfortunately, until now their third son, Al, El dul and was in the hands of Dhani. Maia is still trying to lead the way a family obtain their rights.

In the development of his career as a musician, a producer Maia vocal group Pasto. Duo Maia and in, she invites to join the artist Cinta Laura for duet in the song Penghianat Cinta. This song is in the latest album Duo Maia, Sang Juara.

Another achievement of the earn Maia. In May 2009, his song creation, TTM (Teman tapi mesra ) purchased by a group in Sweden. Using the same rhythm, only the lyrics and changed the title, Dreaming Of The Time, this song was often even play one on the radio in the United States.

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Maya Estianty

Maya Estianty

Maya Estianty