Senin, 13 September 2010

Profil Catherine Sharon Gasnier|Cathy Sharon|VJ Cathy

Catherine Sharon Gasnier regular known as Cathy Sharon or VJ Cathy was born in Jakarta, 8 October 1982 is a MTV VJ and actress Indonesia. she still has the blood of the descendants of French, Manado, and Chinese and is the sister of Julie Estelle uterus that also work as an actress.

Cathy Sharon started a career in the entertainment world with a model. While his career began akting through the FTV Suami Buat DJ Fungky, Kau Membuat Aku Gila, and Jejak Kupu-Kupu in 2006. Cathy plunge into the world via the big screen akting Cameo role in the film The Dunia Mereka. Know his name start in the horror movie Bangku Kosong director by Helfi Ch. Kardit

Foto Cathy Sharon

Affairs for the hair did not play. Proven himself as a spoke person selected therapy zone L'oreal shine. "I am rushing the the rather dense, I was always a treat for the hair. I change it often-changing hair style. I can do with hair care products that can be used day-to-day, "said Cathy.
To avoid damage to hair, Cathy tries to avoid hair dryer as much as possible. "Organized rambutku already know very well what I most do not like the hair dryer, dry-dikering enough alone," he said to give confidential for this reason hair still looks beautiful. Of more than that Cathy always adjust the type of product that will be used to condition hair.