Senin, 13 September 2010

Profil Ahmad dani

Ahmad Dhani (Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo) was born in surabaya 26 May 1972 and is also the creator of the song as a recording producer. Ahmad Dhani is a musician and a full sensation controversial, both in the lyric songs or daily life. Controversial shown through her lyric songs that are 'too in' and have a bias to bring the meaning of disagreement.

foto Ahmad Dani

Ahmad Dhani also been reported to the Police by the author, Yudhistira ANM Massardi, because they trace the title Arjuna Mencari Cinta used for one of the album title Dewa 19. Despite the long enmity, Dhani finally prepared to apologize in the media and ends with peace.

Dhani also face problems with the album LASKAR CINTA to protests from the hard line Islamic groups. Father of three children is considered to be harassing the use of the logo on the album which is considered holy. Though still does not feel wanted harassing a particular religion, Dhani finally prepared to make changes to the logo is.

Dhani now still exist together with Dewa 19, although it happened several times the replacement personnel. Even with the stretch-wing flag Republik Cinta Artist Management, a group of shade-own new group, The Rock, Dewi-Dewi, White Snow, Andra&The Backbone dan own Dewa 19.

Dhani been married to Maya Estianty or popular with the name of Maia Ahmad. From his marriage to the woman home Surabaya, they are endowed with three sons, who were given the name of Ahmad Al-Gazali, El Jalaluddin Rumi, and Ahmad Abdul Qodir Jaelani. The names are taken from the names of prominent Sufi who become idol Dhani.

Marriage Dhani-Maia Maia began cracked after becoming increasingly popular with the Queen. Maia Dhani claiming too busy and do not take their children. After a long enmity in the media and the religious courts, they were officially divorced on 23 September 2008. Copyright foster their third child, Al, El, and fall into the hands of the dul Maia. For the decision, an appeal Dhani.

Although the foster child's rights fall into the hands of Maia, but the second is the third son of his marriage with Maia, still living with Dhani.

Dhani cold hands in the talent-new talents in the music of Indonesia, should diacungi thumb. After The Virgin, this time turn the Moon. In addition there are new bands other. For that, Dhani issued compilation album titled New Beginning June 09 at the beginning of 2009. This album shows the band 9 in the shelter, beneath, The Virgin, The Law, Lucky Laki, The Moon, Zewex & The Cuncuzna, Airplay, Rafflesia, Kamusuka, and Tiramizu.