Senin, 13 September 2010

Incident Kemaluan Christian Sugiono Diremas

Kemaluan Christian diremas saat mengikuti roadshow 9 di Cirebon.

Events not satisfying experienced actors Christian Sugiono during the roadshow 9 Management in Cirebon. Her genitalia diremas by fans fraudulent. Tian is also a hoot peremas it.
Christian Sugiono

Events that occurred Sunday (26/7/2009) in the parking lot Grage Mall Cirebon, West Java. After coming down from the stage, Tian running toward the car to the OB-Van for direct broadcast a local radio. Before entering the car OB-Van, there is about a young Christian.
Youth and the hitherto unknown identity with the full spirit of militancy and direct meremaskan hands and put a patch on the genitals have been Christian.Christian fans shout ago was fraudulent.

"Catch-catching," Christian outcry.

ith wide-awake, some mall security officers arrest youth ago that took him to the police station. Feeling life is not threatened, Christian do not want to prolong the problem is with the youth. Youth are also exempt ago.

Unfortunately Christian said many are reluctant to issue these events. "Udahlah do what I this," said Christian