Senin, 13 September 2010

Foto Ciuman Hot Nadia Saphira

Nadia Saphira
Foto Mesra Andrew dengan Nadia Saphira

Milly still remember her in the film "Ada apa dengan Cinta"? No different from the actual life, Nadia Saphira Milly of the figure girls are really sweet, friendly and a little cuek. But unfortunately, sweet attitude behind it is at this time intimate photos that is suspected to Nadia with a man now in the midst of outstanding wide internet. Be that although the image is actually quite old already circulating on the internet sites, may rise along with the name of Nadia Saphira in the world entertaint, the image is a scene go.

Pose that there are two recorded. Pose first, the women are embracing, the man kissed cheek. Pose and this is the second scene. Woman's mouth and lips touch each other's men, who know his name, until now has not been discovered identity, the images may actually Ordinary course. But as more and more women are very similar Nadia Saphira enough so geger also.

In the photo, a woman who looks like Nadia saphira and a man, such as on vacation at the beach. Somewhere where the beach is located, has not been known exactly.

but the time is confirmed, the Nadia not want any comments. Similarly with the Hendra manager who also did not want to comment much. According to Hendra, at this time Nadia are sick because tifus overwrought.

Foto Ciuman Nadia Saphira
Nadia Saphira

Nadia Saphira