Senin, 13 September 2010

Ayu Anjani artis sinetron indonesia

Ayu Anjani born Bandung, December 11, 1990 is the artist sinetron Indonesia. Ayu Anjani enter the world of entertainment Indonesia since the end of 2004 after the champion in the snatch event of a selection model with a magazine. was pretty involved in the sinetron Cinta SMU for several episodes. Because he wanted to concentration schools, Ayu anjani break a moment from the sinetron world .

Foto Ayu Anjani

After sitting in the high school, back syuting Ayu sinetron. degan play in sinetron Lasmini colossal. although at that time pretty new age 16 years, its postures and plump with high 168 cm and weight 52 kg, making Ayu known and easily attract attention. Ayu decided to stop schools from using the program and homeschooling because busy syuting sinetron.

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