Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

Dwi Putrantiwi Nice SIZE

Dwi Putrantiwi or just call her Dwi was born in Jakarta March 10 1983. Dwi Putrantiwi one of Popular Magazine sexiest models. Shirt size M, Pants size 29, shoes 39 or 40 and ehm…breast 36 C. Nice combination I guess…

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Dwi Putrantiwi

As a newcomer to the world and persinetronan film, DWI Putrantiwi ready for a role. Even he did not hesitate to bid if the scene is exciting.
"If I feel comfortable and I can do it, why not? But we live in this situation is, sensors must have some things that smell deh porno, when I found DWI sinetron dipeluncuran new live show SCTV .
Syurnya for him if the role is to make itself more advanced and developed, there is no reason not to accept. "If in fact the role that I developed in the world of entertainment for which you should be cautious," said the film Virgin Pocong belt.

foto Dwi Putrantiwi

Jakarta cewek of birth: 10 March 1983 is not fear of a section. Section of clothing that is just a cover, of course, the view outside. "I have no problem with the section, just clothes, not the means frumpish kan I do for the sake of convenience, use the clothes are a problem," said the girl penyuka magazine profile.
But despite this, DWI does not admit that appear in each section. "Aku is to see the first section shows, if possible, even a place to saltum me a nickname.

foto bugil Dwi Putrantiwi

toket gede Dwi Putrantiwi

Dwi Putrantiwi telanjang

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